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Why we're here

Hi Friend!

I’m Jessica, owner of Pretty Little Distraction boutique. Thank you so much for being here. Really, I mean it. I’m no stranger to the fact you have a million places you could be or potentially shopping from. It seems like a new boutique pops up faster than a Starbucks on a street corner these days, so I just want you to know how much you are appreciated.

I could continue this post by telling you I am a mom, I have a passion for fashion, and it was my dream to combine this passion with owning a small business to help support my family, but honestly, you don’t care. I know that, and it’s ok.  While those things are true for pretty much every boutique owner (and you’ll read about it in every “about us” section), that’s not why Pretty Little Distraction is here.

YOU. You are the reason PLD exists. I don’t just mean because you shop here. You are the reason I decided the world needed Pretty Little Distraction. I have worked in marketing my whole adult life. That’s like, 12 years if you’re wondering. I love it. I do. I love how combining data and human behavior can create magic. The downside of marketing though, is it turns you into a number. You fall into a category. A certain type of persona. There’s no personal connection with individuals. While working for companies, I could help create amazing ads and campaigns that I felt truly helped their key customer, but I never felt like I was helping a real person. And that’s where you come in.

I started Pretty Little Distraction because I had this idea of creating a community of supportive women who needed an easy way to find things that make them feel confident. You are moms, grandmas, wives, girlfriends, employees, business owners. You have a lot of things going on outside of those titles as well.  You are busy… and stressed! I wanted you to have a place that was fun. A place you could come to, find things that made you feel like the queen you are, get advice, give advice, and just make connections with other women in a similar life cycle.

Part of those connections that is important to me is providing you with real and honest advice on the pieces we carry. I’m a mom with fluff in the middle and junk in the trunk. I’m always working on losing that last 10 pounds, but have a love affair with chocolate and a good IPA. I try on every item of clothing that passes through our doors. I style and model them for you. I want you to have a realistic idea of how items will look and simple ways to put things together to fit your busy lifestyle. It’s important that I can give you honest answers when you tag or message me about fit. I would much rather give you an answer up front, then have you receive an item you’re unhappy with. I want this community to be a place you come to feel inspired and confident. Seeing a normal, everyday person in our clothing is a big part of that goal.

Speaking of tagging and messaging me, I know it is very uncommon for you to have access to owners of companies. That’s not the case here. When you engage with us on social media, there’s a 99 percent chance that I am the one who is responding to you. I have an amazing team behind the scenes helping me get orders packed, inventory checked in and organized, photoshoots ready, and everything else that comes with running a business. When it comes to you though, I’m your girl. I’m answering your questions, responding to comments, and just having fun. I want you to get to know you and be friends! I want to always be accessible to you. The better I know you, the better I do my job… and the more fun we all have!

So that’s it. That’s why we do this. That’s why PLD is here. Because of you. You believed in this idea, supported it, and helped me create it. I always tell people that my job is not to sell clothing. My job is to provide a space for my friends to come hang out, meet new friends, and most importantly, have fun. Unwind. And maybe, do a little shopping.